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Microsoft Brings Python Language Update to SQL Server

A new SQL Server update focuses on the Pyodbc module and brings enhancements to developers using Python. Among the changes are official customer support and Jupyter Notebooks availability.


Microsoft has announced new updates for SQL Server developers using the Python language. Specifically, this is for developers who create with Pyodbc, the Python-based SQL Server Connector. In a blog post, the company has announced a number of new features for the platform.

Pyodbc is an open source module based on the Python language, which is among the fastest-growing Microsoft notes. The module allows dev’s to connect from any platform to SQL Server in the cloud and on-premises. Pyodbc functions across platforms.

For developers, the new additions improve Python connectivity with SQL Server. The Pyodbc module now has official Microsoft customer support, availability in Jupyter, and compatibility with Python 3.5.

Microsoft has detailed the full changes today:

  • Officially supported: You can contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) via phone, email, Twitter, forums, etc., to report and get help with any issue.
  • Available in Jupyter Notebooks for SQL Server: The Jupyter Notebook is a web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations and visualizations. Pyodbc and its dependencies ship out of the box with Juypter notebooks on Azure. To get started, go to notebooks.azure.com and create a new Python 2 notebook or follow the instructions here. Check out the code sample and paste it in your notebook’s interactive prompt to get started.
  • Compatible with Python 3.5 and Django 1.10 through Django-pyodbc-azure.

Adoption of Python, SQL Server and Beyond

Recognizing the growing use of Python, Microsoft has started embracing the language across services. Back in July, the company introduced Python support in Azure Machine Learning. Python 3.0 support was also added to Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 beta in October. The language was debuted in the first full update to Cognitive Toolkit since it was renamed (previously CNTK).

In terms of SQL Server 2016, Microsoft sent out Service Pack 1 last month.

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