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Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals promotion has been running since Monday, but today’s offer is probably one of the best yet. You can now get hold of a Windows 10 tablet for as little as $49.

The 8″ NuVision TM800W560L may not be the biggest or most performant of tablets, but it’s hard to argue with the price. It features 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 1.33 GHz Intel Atom processor and up to six hours of battery life.

For fifty bucks the specs aren’t bad, though the device suffers from small on-screen items and won’t always be lag-free. You’re probably better spending a bit more, and thankfully Microsoft has plenty of other options.

12 Days of Deals Tablet Savings

As well as NuVision, there are deals on tablets from Dell and HP. Naturally, they aren’t the best around, but there are some considerable savings. Here’s the full list:

There are some great deals here if you’re looking for an entry-level tablet, or even something a bit more powerful. You’ll be hard pressed to get a better deal on these anywhere else, so it’s worth having a look if they’re on your wish list.