Microsoft Launches 3D Preview App

D Preview App Windows Store

A major part of the 10 Creators is 3D. At its New York announcement in October, discussed in-depth its plans for 3D now, and in the future. and virtual reality are part of those plans. The company has now launched a 3D Preview app for 10 users to view 3D creations.

In its listing, says: “With the View 3D Preview, easily open and interact with 3D models on your PC. Use simple controls to see your 3MF, PLY, OBJ, FBX, and STL files from all angles! This app is currently available to running a preview of the (Build 14800 or greater).”

3D is important for Microsoft, especially in the Creators . The company is even bringing to the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

Paint 3D

Microsoft launched Paint 3D in October. Since then the company has brought the app in preview form to the and revealed extra features.

The Universal Windows aspect of Paint 3D means the service works across Windows 10. Users can create a 3D sketch on one device and view it on another Windows 10 device. For example, when on HoloLens, the creation is viewable as a hologram in an augmented reality. Other features include “Time Machine” and “Magic Select”.

Microsoft's 3D Preview app is a platform for users to see their Paint 3D creations. One of the cool features in Paint 3D is Windows Capture 3D. This is a mobile-based tool (anyone else notice a distinct lack of Windows 10 Mobile talk today?). Using the camera on a device, users can map 3D objects in real time. A panorama shot of the object will render it into a 3D model that can be shared through Paint 3D.