Power BI Android Tablet Microsoft

Microsoft’s Power BI offers a great way to create and view real-time data visualizations, but one particular platform has been missing out on that functionality. After considerable feedback from customers, Power BI is now available on Android tablets.

The app preview comes with plenty of features, allowing you to access and interact with all Power BI and SQL Server 2016 reporting services data. Naturally, the app still needs some polishing, but Microsoft is relying on first adopters to report any issues.

Power BI for Android Tablets Features

Power BI program manager Romi Koifman has brought attention to a few of the app features the team is most proud of. First up is the consistency of design across devices:

“The new app for Android tablets combines the familiar look of our Power BI apps with a touch-friendly experience designed for Android tablets,” she said. “Like our other apps, dashboards and reports render beautifully and you can interact with them using touch. Within the reports, you can slice and dice your data, drill through data hierarchy, and even filter to focus on specific data.”

Of course, the main advantage of tablet functionality is the ability to access your data anywhere. As with the other mobile applications, data alerts synchronize, so you’ll be able to see them straight away. Furthermore, Power BI for Android tablets has offline capabilities, letting you access the data while on bus or train.

To assist with organization, you’ll be able to flag dashboards within the app. Naturally, you can also search through recently viewed items, as well as reports groups and other dashboards. As with the other apps, you can also scan a QR code to get directly to a tile or report.

Though the new app doesn’t push any further than existing ones, it’s a great start, and will only get more features as it comes out of preview. Microsoft has released extensive documentation on the new app, so you should have no problem getting started.

You can download Power BI for Android tablets today from Google Play.