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Minecraft Pocket Edition Reaches Five Years Old with Ender Update

Mojang says Minecraft Pocket Edition has been a huge success and has more than 40 million players. To celebrate its fifth birthday, the company is rolling out the Ender Update.


and Mojang are celebrating a milestone in the history of Minecraft Pocket Edition. The special handheld and mobile version of all-conquering game is now five years old. To make the event a special one, Mojang has said that the Ender Update will be introduced. This release will bring Minecraft Pocket Edition up to version 1.0.

Over the last five years, Pocket Edition has mirrored that excellent sales of the full Minecraft game. Indeed, the version has over 40 million players and is one of the most popular versions of the title. Minecraft as a whole has sold over 100 million units since it was launched.

On its blog, Mojang says Minecraft PE allows users to “enjoy the rich features of redstone, join each other on Realms, and across platforms, race each other on pigback, wail on witches and – with the upcoming Ender Update – battle the ultimate boss: The Ender Dragon.”

With version 1.0, users will be able to take advantage of the Ender Update. Microsoft first announced this update back in November. At the time, the company confirmed that the release would bring Pocket Edition out of beta and to version 1.0.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Ender Update

The Ender Update is well-known amongst Minecraft fans as it completes the “gameplay loop”. While the game is essentially endless, the Ender Update marks a final level of sorts, where users combat the Ender Dragon. Once defeated, gamers can explore the world, discover a new Shulker mob, and find cities.

With this update, gamers can also build to double the height, with 256 block now supported. You can check out what to expect below:

  • World Seed Library! We're making it even easier for you to locate weird and wonderful worlds with this curated catalogue of superior seeds.
  • Polar bears! Snowy biomes will now be prowled by these majestic beasts – but take care around cubs. The parents are very protective.
  • Music! The original soundtrack finally arrives on mobile versions of the game, having already graced Windows 10. We don't want our jams to jam up your internet pipes though, so it's available to download separately from the main game.
  • Touch support! Windows 10 players now have the option to use special VR waggle sticks to control the game! It's well sci-fi!
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