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New Rumors Emerge about Surface Phone Prototype, with Specs, Display Size and OS

The Surface Phone prototype is rumored to have a 5.5" QHD display, up to 6GB of RAM, the Snapdragon 835 and Quick Charge 4.0.


has consistently denied rumors of a new mobile phone. Both the Microsoft France president and Nadella have mentioned a temporary withdrawal from the smartphone market. Nadella has talked about plans to an “ultimate mobile device,” but that seems far in the future. It's strange then, to read new information about the specs of the .

Yet NPU claims it has been given just that. The website says the information came from “one of our trusted sources with good accuracy,” but naturally we are a little skeptical. It's important to note that these are just protoype rumors, and might not reflect the final product anyway. Take everything from here on with a grain of salt.

Rumored Surface Phone Prototype Specs

The Surface Phone prototype allegedly runs the Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm's powerful new octo-core processor. Microsoft is apparently testing two RAM sizes with this, 6 GB and 4 GB. This is dependent on the system architecture, with one 64-bit model that is able to run x86 apps and the other not.

However, x86 apps are apparently exclusive to Continuum for now. You can install them on the phone, but won't be able to run them in other modes. The prototypes also support Quick Charge 4.0, and this may be combined with wireless charging.

The source has a rough guess for screen size, which is 5.5″ at QHD. These are visual estimates and isn't from any official measurement. There was also further news on a laptop accessory. NPU states that it's “still a thing and we hear Microsoft is seriously purusing the 3-in-1 form factor.”

For those who missed the rumor, this device would work similarly to the HP Elite x3's Lap Dock. It would essentially be a display and keyboard that you can hook your Windows Phone up to wirelessly and use like a laptop.

NPU says that the Surface Phone is set for release in late 2017, running Redstone 3. This doesn't line up with Microsoft officials, who have suggested a withdrawal for at least “a few years.” Still, anything is possible, and a capable 3-in-1 device would definitely be close to Nadella's “ultimate” vision.

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