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OneDrive for Android Update Brings File Sorting and Some New Visual Tools

The minor update is available as of November 22nd. This brings OneDrive for Android to version 4.7.


Here is the complete list of improvements from the official changelog:

  • Ever feel like your files are all mixed up? Want to untangle and sort through your most important things easily? We made it easier than ever to sort and parse through your stuff in the Files view.
  • We've been working out some new paintbrushes and pencils! Check out some of the new visuals to help make you more productive. Shake to send us feedback and let us know how we did!

The minor update is available as of November 22nd. This brings the OneDrive for to version 4.7. Users with Android phones can download it here.

Continuing the cross-platform work

is constantly working on getting its services and apps running on Android and iOS to go along with the company's own Windows 10 ecosystem. OneDrive is at the core of Microsoft's cloud offerings towards consumers.

The company wants its customers to have a smooth and even experience with the service. The latest, albeit minor update, follows in line with those footsteps.

The previous iteration of the update delivered some neat features for the Android version of the service. These include the app now automatically detecting when you take photos of whiteboards and cleaning them up. Also, a user is now notified when a file is shared with you or when someone edits a file you've shared with them in OneDrive for Business.

However, the cloud storage service found itself in a bit of a controversy through no fault of its own last month. It was blocked in Turkey following a political hacking scandal, along with other cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox, Drive, and GitHub.

The country's Energy Minister had his emails leaked by the hacktivist group known as Redhack. A report says shutting down OneDrive, Dropbox, and Drive was a consequence of the hacking attack. Turkey has previously taken a tough stance against social media and the country is known for limiting internet freedom.

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