Microsoft Flow Now Supports Chatter, Disqus, WordPress and More

The company has released eight new services for Microsoft Flow. In addition, the platform now supports Power BI data alerts.

Microsoft Flow collage own

Here is the complete list of new services has added:

  • Azure Resource Manager – Azure Resource Manager exposes the APIs to manage all of your Azure resources.
  • Azure Queues – Azure Queue storage provides cloud messaging between application components. Queue storage also supports managing asynchronous tasks and building process work flows.
  • Chatter – Chatter is an enterprise social network for your company that allows employees to connect and collaborate in real time.
  • Disqus – Disqus is a service for web comments and discussions. Disqus makes commenting easier and more interactive, helping publishers power online discussions.
  • Azure Document DB – Azure DocumentDB is a NoSQL service for highly available, globally distributed app. Sign into your DocumentDB account to create, , and query documents and more.
  • Cognitive Services Face API – Azure Cognitive Services Face API allows you to detect, identify, analyze, organize and tag faces in photos
  • HipChat – HipChat is group chat, video chat and screen sharing tool for teams of all sizes. Built for business, HipChat is persistent, searchable and loaded with goodies your team will love.
  • WordPress is web you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.
In total, now supports 72 different services, including the company's own built-in actions. Also, now connects directly into Microsoft Flow whenever there is a data alert. This allows users to turn Power BI insights into action. Data alerts are a recently released Power BI feature, which allows notifications whenever a tile on user's dashboard meets particular criteria. In addition, you can create flows from the beginning that use Power BI or use the existing templates.

Constantly improving

The company is rather busy with updating the Microsoft Flow. The platform was recently brought out of preview and is one of the Microsoft's most anticipated platforms. It was first introduced in April. Microsoft Flow helps create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more. It focuses more on the enterprise rather than the consumer-focused IFTTT. The version of the app for iPhone and Android is also receiving ongoing . Microsoft recently added the ability to create new flows from blank, in addition to the already existing experience of creation from templates. The company also improved performance when viewing flow runs.