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Lumia 950

With Black Friday getting underway this weekend, Microsoft has a bunch of deals. Indeed, the company has a slew of offers across most of its hardware and services. Included in the price cuts are a number of Microsoft’s Lumia smartphones. As Thurrott points out, this will help the company sell off any remaining hardware inventory.

Included in the Black Friday deals are the Lumia 950 XL and 950 flagships, and the Lumia 650. Microsoft announced earlier in the year that it will scale back from hardware. The company will now focus on supporting OEMs with Windows 10 Mobile handsets.

While Redmond says it will one day return to mobile hardware, at the moment the focus is on selling remaining units. Through various offers since the announcement, Microsoft has been shifting inventory. More importantly for customers, the sales allow them to get what are still good smartphones at low prices.

Black Friday continues that. Also, considering inventory is decreasing, this could be the last time to get a Windows 10 Mobile device, at least at a good price.

Lumia Deals

Buy a Lumia 950 XL, get a Lumia 950 and a Microsoft Display Dock for free. Microsoft has been cutting the price of the flagships almost since their launch. The flagships failed to push Windows 10 Mobile to the next level. Indeed, the probably propelled Microsoft’s decision to stop making smartphones.

That said, despite dividing opinion, both the  950 XL and 950 are solid handsets. However, this Black Friday deal is not very enticing. Sure, the Display Dock is bundled for free, but $500 is a lot to ask for these devices.

Buy a Lumia 650 for $99.  While the flagship Lumia’s are too expensive, the Lumia 650 represents excellent value this Black Friday. The budget device is a good advert for Windows 10 Mobile, showing how the platform runs smoothly and efficiently on an underpowered smartphone.