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Microsoft Collaboration Creates Smart Grip to Improve Golf Accuracy

Created in partnership with Sensoria and pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau, the Smart Grip reads pressure and applies the data to a UWP application for golfers to remove grip inconsistencies from their game.


Microsoft’s Developer and Evangelism team has teamed with partner Sensoria, Inc. and pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau. This unlikely collaboration has come together to create a new IoT solution. A smart and connected golf “Smart Grip” that aims to revolutionize technique when striking a ball.

The Smart Grip reads Bryson’s hand when it is on the grip. This detection involves levels of pressure and measuring golf strokes on different clubs. Using the data, the grip can relay the information using Microsoft Azure intelligent systems and render it on a Microsoft Surface devices.

Once the data is presented, Bryson can measure and manage the consistency of his grip. This is achieved through a new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application for Windows 10.


Bryson states that grip pressure is vitally important, yet it is not a currently measured factor. As Microsoft points out, grip is important for golfers wanting to put the ball in a desired locations from a drive or putt:

“There are multiple theories on what the right pressure on grip should be, but they are all subjective and hard to quantify. Until now. By monitoring this variable, golfers who have developed consistency in gripping the club the same way at every stroke on the golf course have a distinct advantage over those who grip the club differently (too tightly or loosely) from hole to hole. Most golfers are inconsistent in their grip throughout the game or tournament due to factors such as stress, fatigue, etc. It is well known that a tight grip makes a golfer lose distance and often precision as well.”

Smart Grip Functions

Consistency of grip is not easily managed just by tactile feedback on the hands. Microsoft’s new solution helps golfers see real data about pressure and adjust accordingly. The ability to measure grip consistency gives the players one more tool to improve ball placement accuracy.

Microsoft says by removing one element, golfers can focus on environmental inconsistencies while on the course. Partnering with Sensoria, the two companies have created a “Proof of Concept” Smart Grip that measures the force and pressure applied by DeChambeau. It fits on his existing grips and is powered by the Sensoria Core microelectronic hardware.

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