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Microsoft Issues Fix for Outlook Logging Problem that Affected Users for Six Days

Outlook users across platforms have reported for the last week that they cannot access the Outlook.com service. Microsoft says it has solved the problem and is issuing a fix.


's has been having troubles for the best part of a week. A bug has befallen the service, and it lasting for seven days is a big problem. Now the company says it has found a fix and is rolling it out.

The issue stems for a bug that prevented Outlook.com users from syncing their accounts. It has been affecting users trying to access from apps and smartphones since last Thursday. Six days is a long time for such a bug to be present in an email client.

Microsoft is well aware of this and has been working to find the mysterious bug. The company now says the logging issue has been found and a fix to resolve it is being sent to users.

“We've completed the fix and are deploying it throughout the affected environment. While the fix is being deployed, some users may begin to access and synchronize their Outlook.com accounts while using applications or mobile devices,” Microsoft confirms on an Office 365 status page.

Outlook User Remedy

For those still waiting for the fix, Microsoft offers temporary remedy. The company says users on mobile devices should log in to Outlook.com via a web browser. Of course, many users had already figured this out and have been using this workaround for the last six days.

The company has not said what the specific problem is, or why a fix has taken six days. A heat map of affected users from Down Detector shows that European customers are most affected. So far, 10,000 reports have been filed matching the description of the bug. It has affected users across platforms and Outlook apps.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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