Microsoft Introduces Service Map, a New Solution for Managing Server Operations

The service, previously called Application Dependency Monitor, is a part of the Operations Management Suite Insight & Analytics. It is available in public preview.

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Service Map discovers and maps server and process dependencies in real-time, without any predefinition. It also visualizes application components, service dependencies, and supporting infrastructure configuration. The public preview supports and Linux guests, in any cloud and on-premises. Service Map also has cloud management capabilities as it enhances your ability to track dependencies in your hybrid cloud environment. This makes the process of managing the complexity of multiple clouds much easier. The following video demonstrates dependency discovery and mapping across Windows and Linux, in the Cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments. It also shows the automatic discovery of app and system dependencies to accelerate troubleshooting and root cause analysis, as well as using Service Map expedite your app and workload migrations.

is encouraging its users to share their feedback with the company. Those looking to try the public preview can start by creating a free Microsoft Operations Management Suite account.
Microsoft Operations Management Suite Image credit: Microsoft
Microsoft Operations Management Suite
Image credit: Microsoft

Improving the Operations Management Suite

Service Map is the latest update regarding Microsoft´s Operations Management Suite (OMS). Recently, teh company provided a major update to the service, aiming for a unified core management solution. The update brought a slew of new features such as Insight and Analytics for gaining visibility across your workloads and Automation and Control for consistent control and compliance for Azure, third-party clouds, and on-premises datacenters. Also included were and Compliance for insight into security and Protection and Recovery for ensuring data availability. Operations Management Suite lets cloud customers manage their public and private infrastructure. Furthermore, the main function of Operations Management Suite is to allow users to manage cloud infrastructure on other platforms. Microsoft's Azure cloud service is a rival to and Google for example, but Microsoft has long provided infrastructure. As a result, OMS allows Amazon Web Services (AWS) users to access their infrastructures and manage them.