Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 SDK for Visual Studio 2017

The latest Windows 10 SDK for the recently launched Visual Studio 2017 Preview is build 14965 and it comes with multiple new APIs and debugging tools.

Visual Studio  Screenshot Microsoft

has rolled out a new SDK preview for developers. The announcement comes a week after the company launched in preview. With this release, the company has sent out the Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 14965.

This update comes with a bunch of new APIs and also includes debugging tools. As well as bringing a slew of new APIs, it also removes one.

Users will also see that JavaScript scripting and a new debugging tool. It is worth remembering that this SDK preview is solely for Visual Studio 2017 preview. Users are unable to release apps to the Windows Store when running the SDK preview. To see the full list of new APIs and known issues, check out the source.

Microsoft has announced the changelog:

  • This Windows SDK includes updates and additions to the Windows namespace. See section API Updates and Additions below for the list.
  • Debugging Tools for Windows has been updated with a few new features, including JavaScript scripting and extensibility.

Visual Studio 2017

Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2017 in preview alongside Visual Studio for Mac in preview last week.

Visual Studio 2017 on the Windows platform is built on the Roslyn platform. It helps to rearchitect C# and Visual Basic compilers. With this release, Visual Studio 2017 gets code generation, code analysis, testing and debugging, and navigation. This platform has been known as Visual Studio 15 through its preview phase.

Xamarin integration allows dev's to diversify devices on a number of platforms to create applications. Due to its common traits with the Windows version, it comes with an Azure-powered cloud back end.