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Until today, mobile users wanting a taste of the Windows 10 Creators Update needed to be on the Fast Ring. However, Microsoft has now sent out the first Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update preview to the Slow Ring. To get Build 14965, users will still have to be on the Windows Insider Program, but the Slow Ring is more accessible.

This update arrived on the Fast Ring a week ago and arrived on the Slow Ring for PCs yesterday. If you’re on the Slow ring, you can download Windows 10 14965 now. Get it by going to Settings -> Update & security -> Phone update -> Check for updates. Below is the full changelog, which also includes PC specific features for Build 14965.

“We increased the number of Recently Used apps shown in the Windows Ink Workspace to 6, and added a link to quickly access your pen settings.

We’ve improved the performance of loading Sketchpad when there’s a lot of ink present on the sketch.

We’ve updated the new protractor, so that you can use the scroll-wheel on your mouse to shrink/expand it (depending on the direction of the scrolling).

We fixed an issue where, when using Sticky Notes in the Windows Ink Workspace, the background would ding when tapped.

We fixed an issue where inking and resizing the protractor at the same time would result in Sketchpad crashing.

We’ve updated the “Pen & Windows Ink” Settings for pen users to now include a link to the handwriting training tool – simply click on “Get to know my handwriting” to launch it. We’ve also improved how we learn from your handwriting samples – try it out and let us know what you think!”

Yes, this is a PC-oriented changelog and users will not find much for Windows 10 Mobile. However, it prepares the platform for the Creators Update. It also shows Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) in action as all Windows devices get the same build.

Windows 10 Mobile Growth

Microsoft has not shown a lot of love to its mobile platform of late. It was late to get the Anniversary Update in August and was not a focus of the Creators Update launch last month. However, as we reported in October, Microsoft still has big plans for the software and is preparing it for the future.