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Microsoft´s Phil Spencer: Project Scorpio To Be Premium Console with Higher Price

In a short interview with the LevelUp website, the Xbox chief said that the new console will cost more than the Xbox One S and target users who want a high-end experience.


However, as Spencer clarifies, the pricing is yet to be revealed:

“I want to make sure that the investment we are putting into the product of Scorpio meets the demands of the higher-end consumer and that will be a higher price.”

Spencer also points out that the is in no way a replacement for . It will act alongside the existing offer, with support for Xbox One games and accessories.

“It is really the breadth of all the products you have at all the price points,” Spencer added. “For us, when we think about Scorpio, it's for a higher-end customer who demands the most they can get out of a console, and we built a console to meet that demand.”

The statements are in line with Spencer's previous comments regarding pricing. With that in mind, the price should be above the current price ($299 with a bundle), but likely below US $500 mark.

The most powerful home console ever

The Project Scorpio console will launch during Holiday Season 2017. is labeling it as the most powerful home console ever built.

The console will have native 4K support with games made for the console natively rendering at 4K. Microsoft says it will offer a good 4K experience, even for users without the bandwidth to stream 4K content.

In addition, it will also support virtual reality exclusively, with no support for other consoles.

Regarding hardware specifications, the console will sport six teraflops of power and will be powered by an octa-core processor.

All things considering, it makes sense that such a machine costs more, due to its intended high-level performance. Still, Microsoft needs to be wary of going overboard with the console's price, an important factor.

The company has built a good platform around the Xbox One, but Sony's PS4 remains the runaway market leader. With the recently released PS4 Pro priced at $399, the competition is even tougher.

With the Project Scorpio, Microsoft has a chance to make a true powerhouse of the console. Setting the right price will have a lot to do with it.

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