Hey Cortana Spying on Windows Phone Users

Microsoft has rolled out a cross-platform update for Cortana. The virtual voice assistant has been bumped on Android, iOS, and Windows 10. This update is focused on bringing list support to Cortana. More specifically, Microsoft has added support for its Wunderlist app.

Wunderlist is a task-management app that Microsoft bought last year. At the time of purchase it had 13 million users, so Cortana integration will be welcomed by many.

With the ability to support lists, she can now create and manage list creations on mobile and PC. This skill means users can tell her to create a new list or can ask for items to be added to an existing one. Microsoft’s assistant can keep track of these items.

The company says users can try this feature by saying “Hey Cortana, create a Holiday list” and she will create it. Items can also be added, for example, saying “Cortana, add peas to Tuesday’s shopping list”.

Cortana and Wunderlist

Wunderlist users can now connect the assistant directly to their accounts. This will give her access to all lists already created and let due dates be added to to-do lists. This integration also allows the option to create shared lists with other Wunderlist users.

“For deeper lists functionality, Cortana can also work with Wunderlist, one of the most loved list-making apps, to give you even more ways to make lists and stay organized.”

This is no doubt a welcome addition for the service, especially considering others like Google Assistant have the feature. However, there is a caveat. Microsoft says this list support skill is only available in US English at the moment.