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Microsoft Introduces Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio for Mac

Visual Studio 2017 for Windows uses the Roslyn Compiler platform and was revealed today. Microsoft also announced Visual Studio for Mac with a similar experience to the Windows version.


has confirmed new test versions of Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio 2017 for Windows. The news comes after documents leaked earlier in the week suggesting the release was coming. As we reported on Monday, Microsoft used its Connect() 2016 developer event in New York City for the reveal.

Also at the event on November 16, Microsoft announced it is joining the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member. is also joining the .NET Foundation, which was formed by Microsoft and Xamarin in 2014. The company uses the .NET Foundation to open source its developer services.

Visual Studio for Mac is basically the same experience as the Windows version. This is a cloud-based development tool for C# and .NET creators. The Visual Studio UX is in attendance that aims to mirror the software design.

The platform comes with IntelliSense and refactoring through the Roslyn Compiler platform. On Mac, Visual Studio features MSBuild and designers used in Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.. All this makes it compatible with most project types.

Thanks to Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio for Mac supports C#-based iOS, Android and Mac development with the Xamarin Platform. This allows dev's to diversify devices on a number of platforms to create applications. Due to its common traits with the Windows version, it comes with an Azure-powered cloud back end.

Visual Studio 2017 for Windows

Visual Studio 2017 on the Windows platform is also built on the Roslyn platform. It helps to rearchitect C# and Visual Basic compilers. With this release, Visual Studio 2017 gets code generation, code analysis, testing and debugging, and navigation. This platform has been known as Visual Studio 15 through its preview phase.

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