Whatsapp Windows  Mobile official

Users running WhatsApp on Windows Phone are getting a new update through the Windows Store today. This release brings the app up to version 2.16.288. The changelog shows a number of new features that have recently been in beta builds of the app.

Now those features are moving to full release, including support for video calls. We discussed this feature when it was launched in preview last month. As we mentioned then, this is a rare event when Windows Phone is getting a feature at the same time as Android.

In terms of functionality, the call button now shows Voice and Video Calls options. Users can use the rear camera of a device, which will mute the call for the time being.

Another new feature rolling out with WhatsApp build 2.16.288 is the ability to draw on pictures. Snapchat users will be familiar with this ability. Users can also place emoticons and add text to images before sending them.

As we are used to, the update also enhances the UI, and brings some performance improvements and bug fixes.

WhatsApp Changes on Windows

WhatsApp has sent out a number of new features to Windows this year. Document sharing was brought to Windows phone and then brought to the Windows beta app. The feature allows users to send office documents within a message field.

Last month, WhatsApp also sent out the ability to send GIFs in the beta version of the app. Users can send GIF messages via the video sending page. Any video sent in this way will become a looping animation without sounds.