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Mojang Announces Minecraft 1.0 Ender Update for Windows 10 and Pocket Editions

The Minecraft Ender Update doubles block height to 256, gives access to The End, and signals the end to the games beta status.


Long-time players will already be familiar with “The End.” The separate instance acts as a final level of sorts, pitting you against a formidable Ender Dragon. After that, you can explore the end and its cities, as well as fight the new Shulker mob.

If you find the coveted  End ship, you'll be able to loot the Elytra glider. This lets you fly around the world from high points, and can be very useful for getting down from hills. You'll also be able to use purpur blocks for building and farm chorus plants.

However, the update also comes with another improvement, and it's long-awaited. Finally, the height limit will be raised to 256. Previously, players could only go 128 blocks high, so they'll have double the space to play with.

End of Beta

This update will also bring the Minecraft editions out of their long-standing beta status. This is something of a throwback to tradition, as The End also signaled the full release of the Java version.

With the Ender update also comes TV support. This is something Tim Cook confirmed last month, but it was unclear when exactly the functionality would ship, or which specific version. We now know that the Apple TV Edition will ship with the full features of Pocket.

Mojang has been fairly secretive about the rest of the update. We don't have an official changelog, and Mojang says “we think it would be more fun if you found them out yourselves.”

users can do just that, as the beta build is out already. You can test it for yourself by signing up and let us know what new features you discover.

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