Microsoft Surface Book official

The Surface Book is arguably the best 2-in-1 on the market. Especially now that Microsoft has released an updated model with a Performance Base. The company can also sell the device as a true alternative to Apple’s various laptops. Indeed, Microsoft has been pushing this line with a recent trade-in promotion.

Since launching the new Surface Book, Microsoft has been running a trade-in program for MacBook owners. The offer lets users put in their MacBook in exchange for a Surface Book at a reduced price through the Microsoft Store.

The company has now decided to extend the program, which suggests it has been a success. The original trade-in program was scheduled to end November 7. However, Microsoft now says it will run until November 23, 2016, 11:59 PM PST. The offer will be open as long as stock lasts.



Microsoft has not changed up the trade-in, so customers can still get $650 for an eligible MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. The other qualifications are:

  • Must be fully functional
  • Battery must hold charge and not be required to be plugged in to operate
  • Must not have any damaged, broken, or missing components
  • Cannot have been modified and warranty seal must be intact
  • Cannot be password protected
  • Must come with original chargers and accessories

Surface Book

Microsoft’s hybrid device is symbolic of a push from the Windows platform to address Apple’s design dominance. Windows devices have always been capable of out-spec’ing Mac PCs, but often could not match Apple’s design ethos. The Surface Book helped to change that perception, offering innovative and high-end design with top of the line specs.

Yesterday we revealed that Microsoft will not sell the Performance Base separately from the Surface Book. As the Surface Book is a detachable device, the screen could essentially work on any Performance Base. This would make the device configurable in a way, allowing users to keep the screen but upgrade the Performance Base.

However, Microsoft decided against that level of customization.