Security Free Reuse

Hacking is now a part of day to day life, not just an underground movement as it once was. Major companies are being undone by cyber breaches, which have become a serious problem. Microsoft is aiming to keep its customers in the loop regarding security with a new service. The company has launched its Security Updates Guide service.

With this resource, customers will be made aware of security updates. This will include information about new protection and features, while also informing when updates arrive.

The Security Updates Guide is an extension of Microsoft’s push to make security updates more comprehensive.

The company wants to give customers more access to update information. It is among the most requested features from customers, and the guide provides it.

Customers can customize their security information before viewing it. The Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) provides the information to customers.

MSRC gets the info from reports regarding vulnerabilities on products and services.

Monthly Security Updates Guide

For example, this month’s Security Updates Guide comes in a new portal. Microsoft says this one location will “let customers search security vulnerabilities in a single online database.” Customers can:

  • Sort and filter security vulnerability and update content, for example, by CVE, KB number, product, or release date.
  • Filter out products that don’t apply to you, and drill down to more detailed security update information for products that do.
  • Leverage a new RESTful API to obtain Microsoft security update information. This eliminates the need for you to employ outdated methods like screen-scraping of security bulletin web pages to assemble working databases of necessary and actionable information.