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Microsoft Announces Learn OneNote Conference

The Learn OneNote Conference is a free online event that will run over six days this month. The conference aims to educate users on how to get the most from OneNote and how the note-taking app has transformed lives.


If you use OneNote, want to try it, or want to become a master, has you covered. The company has announced the launch of a Learn OneNote Conference between November 12 and 17.

The first of its kind event will run online over six days and will be open to everyone. Microsoft is using the event to teach users how to be able to use OneNote, including intricate features.

Announced by the Microsoft Office Team, the Learn OneNote Conference has been organized by Jared DeCamp. He is a OneNote “super-fan” who has arranged 21 expert speakers to cover a range of topics and showcase in-depth video tutorials.


Really, it is easy to see OneNote as a simple note-taking app. It is that of course, but it delivers much more besides. Indeed, it seems the service is diverse enough to cover six days of events and nearly two dozen speakers.

Among the topics will be showcasing how OneNote has replaced traditional methods for some users. For example, a mother who organizes her busy day with the app. There is also a story of a judge who has fully replaced a three-ring binder in favor of OneNote.

Learn OneNote Conference

During the last two days of the event, educators will show how OneNote can transform the classroom. The online event is free and videos will be released each of the six days 5AM, 11AM, 5PM and PM (PST). Below is a schedule for each day of the conference:

The daily themes are:

  • Day 1: Started with OneNote
  • Day 2: Powerful OneNote features
  • Day 3: OneNote for life
  • Day 4: OneNote for business
  • Day 5: OneNote for
  • Day 6: OneNote for education (continued)
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