Skype for Business on Android Updated to Version

Microsoft has rolled out a small update for Skype for Business on Android that introduces the ability to search for contacts within the app. With Microsoft Teams now announced, what does the future hold for the business-focused Skype?

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users on are being treated to a new today. has rolled out version of the service to the Store. This is an incremental bump to the service that lacks any substantial new additions. However, there are some new features to discuss.

For example, on now gives users the ability to search for contacts directly in the app. The service also scores fresh improvements, an important part of a business-oriented social application.

Instead of providing a changelog, says “Thank you for downloading the latest Skype for Business for Android , in this version we added search for device contacts, display of Skype for Business direct inward dialing phone number, improvements, and bug fixes.”

If you have yet to try the service on Android, you can get it from the Google Play Store.

Maintaining Skype for Business

Microsoft has believed Skype for Business can and should be the go-to communication service for enterprise. There is some tough competition in this sector, not least from Slack. The very recent launch of Microsoft Teams leaves us wondering what Microsoft will do with its business-focused Skype.

Launched earlier this month, is a service that shares many aspects with the business-oriented Skype. If is the company's response to Slack and provides an all-encompassing chat-based workspace. While the company is unlikely to drop Skype for Business, it will be interesting to see how it differentiates the services.

In fact, it is something Microsoft will need to do. The company's recent signals show the Skype service will continue to be supported fully. Indeed, Microsoft brought the service out of preview on Apple's Mac platform just last month and continues to send fresh updates across platforms.