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Microsoft Bug Bash Underway for Windows 10 Creators Update Preview

Windows Insiders are tasked with helping Microsoft find flaws with a Bug Bash for Windows 10 Preview Build 14959. This preview release was sent out last week, the first after Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Creators Update.


has kicked off its latest Bug Bash for Windows 10. Specifically, this is the first event since the company announced the Windows 10 Creators Update two weeks ago. As usual, the Bug Bash is reserved for Windows Insiders. This means those users are being asked to find flaws in the latest preview releases of the platform.

Those latest previews are of course from the Creators Update, or Redstone 2 to go by its development codename. As this is the first Creators Update Bug Bash, it is a significant event. Undoubtedly the platform has many kinks that need to be ironed out. Microsoft is asking Insiders to help find them.

As with previous Bug Bashes,” Microsoft's Michael Fortin says, “we are using Quests within Feedback Hub to identify different areas of the product to try out and give feedback. Throughout the week, we will cycle through new Quests and will bring them all back over the weekend for additional feedback before we conclude the Bug Bash.”

Insiders can see Quests in the Feedback Hub and start looking for bugs to report to Microsoft:

  • ADVANCED Quests: Quests marked as “ADVANCED” are more technical and may require changing the system configuration on your device and require an understanding on how to revert the changes after the Quest is done. You should only perform Quests that you feel comfortable doing. If something goes wrong you'll need to be able to troubleshoot how to get back to a good state on your device.
  • UPDATE Quests: Quests marked as “Update” exercise Update paths from Windows 10 Anniversary Update to the November 2016 Windows 10 Bug Bash build
  • DEVELOPER Quests: Quests marked as “Developer Quests” specifically are designed for Developers and may require coding.

Windows 10 Creators Update Preview Build 14959 Bug Bash

This Bug Bash is focusing on Windows 10 Redstone 2 build 14959. The preview update was rolled out to Insiders at the start of the month. This was a significant release as it was the first preview released after Microsoft's Creators Update announcement.

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