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Is This Intel-Powered Handset the Microsoft Surface Phone? [UPDATE]

A leak shows that the Microsoft Surface Phone may actually be real. An Intel-powered smartphone from Microsoft has been revealed, but could this device still be in development?


[UPDATE 07.11.] The answer to the question in the title is, sadly no. This is not a and is not a device at all. Early reports suggested this was a shelved Microsoft handset, but now the device is attributed to Dell. The PC vendor and long-time Microsoft collaborator was working on the PC-class smartphone, but has now canned it.

As always, we are still in rumor territory. However, Thurrott says that this was this is Dell's work and not Microsoft's. Still, check out the full article below where we touch on the long-term viability of Microsoft bothering to make a Surface Phone.

Microsoft's Surface Phone is like a myth in the world of Windows . The device is said to be the company's high-end masterpiece to rival any handset on the market. When Microsoft announced it was scaling back from mobile hardware, the chances of a Surface Phone fell. However, a new leak suggests that Microsoft had a Surface-class smartphone and it may still be coming.

Evan Blass (@Evleaks), a noted tipster who is often spot on, showed images of a Microsoft handset. At first, it was suggested this was a high-end device that was going to be launched. The leaked image shows a wafer-thin handset with a professional look.

However, the key component of this smartphone is its “laptop class” processor. It also comes with other features, such as a USB-C port. No other spec details are known, but judging the processor, it seems the device is aiming for the very top of the market.

Indeed, an Intel chip befitting a laptop suggests this Microsoft device is a mini-PC. This is one way the company can differentiate from iOS and . By developing handsets that focus on integrating directly in Windows 10. Also by leveraging Continuum, the company can create handsets that truly are PCs in a pocket.

Surface Phone Questions

The obvious question is whether this device actually is the Surface Phone? We guess it doesn't really matter, it is more important that Microsoft was at least planning a business-class smartphone. Of course, HP has come out with the Elite X3, a smartphone that fits the PC-in-your-pocket bill.

We would imagine the Surface Phone would build on the X3's undoubted quality with some truly deep Windows integrations.

The second question is whether this handset has now been shelved? Blass gets all cryptic at this point, suggesting in a second tweet that Microsoft may actually be still developing this device. At the very least, the Intel-powered smartphone got deep into development.

Last Updated on November 7, 2016 2:55 pm CET

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