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Azure DocumentDB Receives Update to Improve Functionality

Users of Microsoft’s Azure DocumentDB service now have improvements to the quick start implementation and an enhanced backup and restore experience.


has rolled out a new update for its Azure DocumentDB cloud service. This latest release comes with a number of upgrades for the platform. Among them is a new Quick Start experience, increased firewall support, and backup and restore capabilities.

Azure DocumentDB is Microsoft's low latency, NoSQL database. The services is for globally distributed apps and offers JavaScript and SQL for virtual machine-based cloud databases. With this latest release, the company is expanding the capabilities of the database.

Quick Start – Users can now use the quick start menu to enter personalized ready-to-run sample apps. Microsoft says the system is now more fluid for starting the creation process.

Backup and Restore“DocumentDB is built with high availability and global distribution at its core – it allows you to scale throughput across multiple Azure regions along with policy driven failover and transparent multi-homing APIs. As a database system offering 99.99 availability SLAs, all the writes in DocumentDB are durably committed by a quorum of replicas within a local data center, and replicated across all the regions associated with your DocumentDB account.”

“Additionally, DocumentDB regularly backs up your data at continuously. The backups are stored without hindering performance or your database operations availability. All DocumentDB backups are stored separately in another storage device and then are further replicated globally to avoid interruption by regional disasters.”

Firewall Support“Due to popular customer request, we recently offered support for IP filtering and firewall rules in DocumentDB for both DocumentDB and MongoDB APIs. Customers can configure their DocumentDB account to allow traffic only from a specified list of the individual IP addresses and IP address ranges. Once this configuration is applied, all requests originating from machines outside this allowed list will be blocked by DocumentDB. The connection processing flow for the IP-based access control is described in the following diagram.”

Azure DocumentDB October Update

Last month, Microsoft released an update for DocumentDB that introduced bringing improvements to all SDKs. Specifically, the update focused on Python by adding Python 3 support. Azure DocumentDB now supports Python 3, moving from Python 2.7. Customers can now access Python 3.3, Python 3.4, and Python 3.5, or simply stay on version 2.7.

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