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Project Bletchley: Microsoft Expands Blockchain to the Azure Marketplace with New Functionality

The new Project Bletchley release comes with support for premium storage, SSH keys, Chain, and Etherium Studio.


Project Bletchley is 's as a Service system that launched about a year ago. It lets admins easily manage a multi-node Blockchain network and securely store a continuously growing list of records.

The tech giant has been working on several improvements since the initial release, and one of those is a version on the Azure Marketplace. Users can now access Bletchley straight from the Azure portal in an intuitive manner.

New Project Bletchley Functionality

However, Microsoft doesn't like to roll out releases without new functionality, and this one is no different. A number of new features are available as part of this update:

  • Dozen Consortium Members: You can now deploy a blockchain network that has a dozen consortium members.
  • Premium storage: To support low latency and high throughput applications, you can configure the nodes within the consortium network to leverage premium storage backed virtual machines.
  • Password or SSH key: To secure the nodes within your network, you can now specify an SSH key instead of a password.
  • Chain: As announced last week, you can now deploy Chain's distributed ledger technology, Chain Core, on Azure.
  • Ethereum Studio: You can quickly set up ether.camp's Ethereum stack, a full stack developer sandbox to develop and test Ethereum solutions, on Azure.”

Admins will be happy to see these significant improvements, some of them highly requested by users. In the near future, Microsoft plans to add support for even more third-party services and grow the functionality into its best possible form.

If you're new to Ethereum it's worth checking out Microsoft's detailed walkthrough, which should help you get started with it on Azure. You can also find more information on the Azure blog.

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