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Microsoft Adds Custom Module Category to Cortana Intelligence Gallery

The new category brings a number of new modules to Cortana Intelligence Gallery. Microsoft says it is a central location for all custom services.


The Cortana Intelligence Gallery has received a new resource category, has revealed. The Custom Modules category is a resource is a centralized repository for custom modules. Users can use these modules for their own Cortana Intelligence experiments.

Microsoft says the Custom Modules category has a number of modules that can be used immediately. This list will continue to be expanded in the future. The company says among the existing modules are some much sought after features:

“Long-awaited time series analytics modules, super useful association rules module, additional clustering algorithms beyond k-means, exciting visualization modules as well as workhorse utility modules to automate your run-of-the-mill data processing tasks.”

Cortana Intelligence Gallery Custom Modules

In its blog post to announce the new Cortana Intelligence Gallery category, Microsoft lists the modules in the Custom field:

  • Discover: Browse or search the Gallery to find modules of interest to you.
  • Understand: Explore detailed module documentation from right within the Gallery.
  • Import: Add the module (and accompanying sample experiment) to your workspace with one click.
  • Discuss: Use the Disqus section to ask questions and share feedback.
  • Share: Share the module with others and give back to the community.

“Understanding how a published custom module works is super easy – just click on any custom module, open the module's details page, and the page for that module delivers a consistent and informative learning experience, highlighting the purpose of the module, its expected inputs, outputs, parameters and more.”

The Custom Modules category joins a growing list of built-on modules within Azure ML Studio. Microsoft adds that these modules help members of the community create machine learning experienced.

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