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Surface Studio Could be Crossing Atlantic to Europe in February

A Swiss retailer has listed the Surface Studio for shipments on February 15, 2017. Microsoft’s all-in-one PC has already been put up for pre-order in the United States.


The has been drawing positive first impressions since it was announced last week. 's all-in-one PC has already been made available for pre-order in the US. It will ship in Microsoft's homeland in December, but what about other markets?

A Swiss retailer has put Microsoft's compelling hardware on its website. Digitc.ch has listed the Surface Studio for shipment on February 15, 2017. We imagine Switzerland will not be the first European nation to get the device. With that in mind, this could be the general timeframe for a roll out in Europe.

If this mid-February date is correct, pre-orders would likely get underway in January. Just like in the US, the Surface Studio is an expensive proposition. It will cost 3509 Euro ($3866, £3165) for the cheapest configuration to 5299 CHF (4890 euros, £4410, $5387) for the most expensive.

Last week, Microsoft managed to do something quite unique. The company launched the Surface Studio, a piece of hardware that has won universal acclaim. It is hugely sought after already and will be a hit for sure. Oh yes, it is also a PC! The terminally declining home computer market has a product that people want in the same way they may want a smartphone or tablet, at least professionals.

As always with this early retailer listings, take this with a pinch of salt. Retailers sometimes entice potential customers with a product like this to attract them to the site.

Sold Out

We revealed yesterday that the Surface Studio has already sold out its first pre-order run in the US. That happened in less than a week after Microsoft's announcement event last week in New York. We have to say it again, this is a PC folks, a product that is supposed to be dying.

Microsoft is not even marketing the Surface Studio as a consumer PC, this is a unit for professionals. The entry-level machine costs a whopping $2,999 and the most expensive is $4,199.

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