Microsoft  October Event Paint D

At its Windows 10 event yesterday, Microsoft unveiled its new take on an old friend. Paint 3D is an overhauled reimagining of the classic Microsoft Paint tool. It will arrive properly with the Windows 10 Creators Update next spring. However, in the meantime Paint 3D has made its way to the Windows Store in preview form.

Preview is the key word here as it means one thing. While Paint 3D is on the store, you will need to have the Creators Update to get it. The full upgrade is not coming until spring, 2017, but members of the Windows Insider Program already have early previews.

So, if you want to use Paint 3D now, you need to sign up to be a Windows Insider, or already be one. As this is a preview release, the completed feature set is not available. In fact, Microsoft will be adding features to Paint 3D as the months past. At the very least you should see the basic outline experience we saw at the Creators Update event yesterday.


Paint 3D

Paint 3D is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application, so it will run across Windows 10 devices. This cross-device capability means users can draw a 3D sketch on one device and view it later on another Windows 10 device, such as mobile or HoloLens.

3D appears to be the focus of Microsoft’s creative aspirations with the Creators Update. Expanding on Paint and the ability to use 3D on the Edge browser and PowerPoint, Microsoft has some more tricks. One of them is the new Windows Capture 3D tool.

This is a mobile-based tool (anyone else notice a distinct lack of Windows 10 Mobile talk today?). Using the camera on a device, users can map 3D objects in real time. A panorama shot of the object will render it into a 3D model that can be shared through Paint 3D.