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Microsoft Opens Security Program for Azure IoT Customers

The Security Program for Azure IoT brings a certified auditing solution for developers, allowing them to ensure their devices are cloud secure.


Azure IoT customers can now get their devices audited for security issues and have fixes suggested. has announced a new Security Program for Azure IoT. The company says the Internet of Things will change the world, but security is a chief concern. Its Security Program will help developers ensure their devices are secure, while giving consumers peace of mind.

In its blog, Microsoft says: “As the world becomes increasingly connected, these potential risks are growing fast. Last year researchers discovered critical vulnerabilities in a number of IoT-enabled devices, ranging from baby monitors to cars and smart watches. Some breaches could possibly even be life threatening, such as attacks on IoT medical devices.”

The Security Program for Azure IoT gives developers tools to secure their devices for full confidence. Microsoft says it created the program as a direct response to customers who asked for more security protection. Developers asked the company to help ensure their devices could be secure when connected to the cloud.

Casaba Security, CyberX, Praetorian, and Tech Mahindra have partnered with Microsoft as auditors. Microsoft will be tying up more partnerships in the future, the company says. Auditors will work closely with Microsoft to makes sure IoT devices are secure:

“After closely examining everything, including devices and assets, gateways and communication to the cloud, we'll help them develop and implement the most rigorous security models.”

Independent Results

In its blog post, Microsoft says the security assessments provided by auditors are independently validated. Along with standards groups like Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the company is working to establish industry-recognized protocols. The aim is to decide upon best practices for IoT developers to follow to achieve security.

Microsoft says a select number of Azure IoT customers will be able to use the program first. The Security Program for Azure IoT will receive updates in the coming months. Updates will unclude adding more auditors to the list of partners and opening the program to more users.

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