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Microsoft’s Surface All-in-One May Be Named Surface Studio

A trademark filing from a company in Slovenia covers the names Surface Dial, Dial and Surface Studio. A series of connections suggest that the company is, in fact, Microsoft.


Tomorrow, will hold its Surface event, and it's bound to have a couple of surprises. However, a series of trademark discoveries have led to some interesting details.

A new Surface All-in-One device is expected to launch tomorrow, and The TradeMark Ninja believes it will be called the “Surface Studio”. The internet personality's real name is Brian Conroy, an EU trademark agent, so there is considerable weight behind it.

Microsoft and Slovenia

According to Conroy, his suspicions were aroused by a company in Slovenia. Early this year, the company filed an application for the Surface trademark.

This is strange for two reasons. Firstly, ‘Svetovne Tehnologije d.o.o' would have to be crazy to try a fight an established brand such as Microsoft. Secondly, the firm is owned by Zivko Mjiatovic, the law firm responsible for 60% of Microsoft's Slovenian trademarks.

Naturally, the lawyers would be aware of Microsoft's brand and wouldn't even think of applying. Which is why Conroy suspects that the company is, in fact, Microsoft.

The Trademark Filing

Svetovne Technologije's filings suggest two things. The first extends the Surface line to phones, wearables, and other devices. The second registers the name Surface Dial, Dial, and most importantly, Surface Studio.

The name lines up with several rumors. Early last month, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley said:

“I've heard that Surface Cardinal could be positioned as a product that can turn your desk into “a studio”. My bet: Cardinal is the rumored Surface All-in-One device running .”

As for the dial, we can only speculate. However, the name sounds a lot like a smartwatch to us. Possibly a replacement for Microsoft's Band 2?

Despite all this, Conroy admits there are holes in his argument. The lawyers used don't match, which would be very unusual for Microsoft. It also doesn't fit their normal pattern in several other ways.

If the company is, in fact, a dummy for Microsoft, they've gone to huge lengths to hide the trademark. It's not clear what their motive would be for this, considering everyone knows about the Surface AIO by now.

Whatever the case, we'll find out tomorrow. Let us know your personal stance in the comments below.

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