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Microsoft Updates Outlook Mail for Windows 10 with Interactive Notifications

The Outlook Mail update brings @mentions, the ability to have multiple windows, and actionable notifications.


has started rolling out a new Outlook Mail version to Fast Ring Insiders and it contains a number of new features. The update introduces some features from the web client, while also bringing some unique to .

Foremost in these is the ability to interact with emails via notifications. You can flag emails, as well as mark as read, move to junk, archive and delete.

Full Outlook Mail Changelog

There are also a couple of other features in this build, listed for you below:

  • Open email messages in a new window
  • Use Quick Actions directly from new email notifications
  • Get someone's attention with @mentions. Type the @ symbol anywhere in the body of your email and start typing to pick the person you want to address

@mentions were first introduced as part of an Office 2016 Mac update in August, and later introduced to other platforms. As well as getting a user's attention, the feature automatically adds them to the list of recipients.

Credit: Mehedi Hassan, MSPoweruser

The ability to open emails in a new window is also great. It means you can multi-task and reference emails without having to switch back and forth.

Focused Inbox

In other Outlook news, Microsoft announced last week that Focused Inbox will be coming to all versions in the coming weeks. , iOS, and Mac users will be seeing the feature in late October, but Windows 10 users will have to wait a little longer.

According to Microsoft, we will have to wait until November to get the feature on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. This wouldn't be the first time Microsoft's prioritized competitors over its own ecosystem, but at least the wait isn't too long.

If you're unfamiliar, the feature allows you to sort emails into two folders. The ‘main' section contains all the important emails from common and important contacts. A secondary inbox contains ones that aren't as essential. By taking note of the way users categorize emails, the service will learn over time.

It's a powerful feature and one that will build on today's updates to bring a better and more robust email client.

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