AdBlock Edge Extension Update to Version 0.9.9

AdBlock has been updated in the Windows Store for the Edge browser. Version 0.9.9 fixes an issue where the service would forget whitelisted websites upon restarting Edge.

Adblock Plus Edge Extension Collage Official

One of the key , when they came to 10 Anniversary , was . Now that extension has been given an that should fix a previously known issue. The release brings the service up to version 0.9.9 and is now available in the Store.

Of course, like all , you will need to have Anniversary Update. While the changelog for is not extensive, it does solve an issue that first happened in the last update. Users have been experiencing problems with the whitelisting feature. More specifically, AdBlock has been forgetting whitelisted websites when Edge is restarted.

When it was announced, the developer said: “After years of development and support of Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer we very much welcome 's bold attempt to move to standards based approaches with Edge. One of the upsides of this approach is that our current implementation of Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge is based on the code of Adblock Plus for Chrome, unlike the entirely separate codebase for Internet Explorer.”

Edge Extensions

Edge extensions were first announced by Microsoft in March. The company later rolled out a number of extensions to . Since the launch of the Anniversary Update in August, extensions have been available generally.

The inclusion of these little pieces of functionality is actually hugely important. Extensions give Microsoft's browser an added of completeness comparable to rivals platforms like Chrome. It is worth remembering that the company is building Edge from the ground up. The browser lacks features next to more mature rivals, but extensions help address the balance.

So far, developers have embraced the idea of porting their extensions from other browsers to Edge. Microsoft also places its own tools and services integrated into the browser.