Xbox One Preview Build 14393.2100 Arrives with UI Changes

The latest release for Xbox One Preview is build 14393.2100. UI changes are the focus of this release and Microsoft could also be preparing for Live Tiles support.

xbox one flickr

has launched its latest Xbox One Preview wave for those on the preview program. The release brings the up to 14393.2100 and comes with a number of new features. Among the new additions are Xbox Clubs, Looking for Group, and Arena. All of these features have been discussed in previous previews.

Users running will also see a UI change with build 14393.2100. More specifically, the dashboard has been changed, while the context menu now has more information. The main tile now sports menu button to give quicker access to a Gamehub description.

Users will also be able to find friend icons and see shareable achievements, clips, and screenshots. The UI changes continue with a new context menu within the start button. This resembles something from previous Xbox generation, but it is intuitive in connecting to various snippets of information.

There is at least a hint that this context menu has been designed more for 10 than Xbox. Of course, the console runs 's platform universally these days. are built into this new menu, which could make UWP app more dynamic in . It is worth noting that the feature has yet to make it to the Xbox One.

Recent Updates

Since the Summer ( 10 Anniversary ) landed in August, Microsoft has been moving fast. The company has sent out numerous updates since then. The last was preview build rs1_xbox_rel_1610.160929. That release added notifications for voice messages and fixes for various entertainment apps, like HBO GO.