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Microsoft Launches New Office Business Apps, with More to Come

Microsoft's new Office business apps will require an Office 365 Business Premium account, and include Mile IQ, Point, Bookings, Spend, and Presence.


has launched a new suite of Office business apps to help businesses manage customer relations, invoices, mileage and more.

The apps are available for a free trial today across and iOS and PC, and will later combine with a personal digital assistant. To access them, you'll need an Office 365 Business Premium subscription.

App Details

Here's a quick rundown of Microsoft's new apps:

  • Mile IQ: Automatically track miles for taxes and expenses.
  • Bookings: Automate scheduling and allow customers to book time with you.
  • Invoice: Get paid faster by generating invoices on the go.
  • Spend (coming soon): Go receipt free and track all your expenses for finances and taxes.
  • Point: Get more word of mouth referrals from your satisfied customers.
  • Presence (coming soon): Establish yourself online simply and confidently track your web presence.”

According to Microsoft, these apps will help guard data, save time, simplify procedures and manage work on the go.


Details on the apps are sparse at the moment, and there's still some placeholder text. However, Point is looking like the most innovative so far.

The app allows executives to manage and create a marketing campaign straight from their phone. It lets users promote an app by giving customers rewards for referrals.

Microsoft gives an example of 10% off as part of a summer sale, but no doubt this will be customizable. The app also acts as a hub for customer feedback, allowing users to leave reviews.

Naturally, this all comes with in-depth statistics, including sent, opened, and clicked metrics, as well as email campaign insights.

Mile IQ

The only other app we have detail about is MileIQ, which has actually been around for a while. Microsoft acquired its parent company Mobile Data Labs back in November of 2015.

Mile IQ automatically detects your car journeys, and can automatically classify them as business or personal. This makes it much easier for companies to track travel expenses, and they can get monthly reports of mileage.

Detailed information on the other apps isn't available, but we assume it will be coming over the coming months. Until then, you can take a look at the new Office business website.

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