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WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone Supports Video Calling

The video calling feature has come to WhatsApp Beta on Windows Phone. There was no actual update, so users may have to reinstall the app to see the feature.


If you are Windows Phone user then you probably use . The service is the most popular messaging service on mobile devices. Now Windows Phone users are getting the much-anticipated video calling feature, according to a report.

WhatsApp is actually one of the few major developers to show real love to 's mobile platform. Indeed, this video call feature has come to WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone as quickly as it has for .

We are hearing conflicting reports. Some claim that it has already reached Android, but it seems that Windows Phone scored the feature first. Video calling was added via a server-side upgrade as now actual update was released to introduce the feature. If you are not seeing it, we advise re-installing the app.

The call button now shows Voice and Video Calls options. Users can use the rear camera of a device, which will mute the call for the time being.

WhatsApp Beta

Earlier this month, WhatsApp Beta received the ability to send GIFs. While the GIF sending feature is dropping now, we have known about it for some time. In fact, it was around two months ago when the feature first became known. Build 2.16.128 introduced the menu setup for GIF sending, but images were not moving at that point.

Recent Changes

WhatsApp has sent out a number of new features to Windows this year. Document sharing was brought to Windows phone and then brought to the Windows beta app. The feature allows users to send office documents within a message field.

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