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Microsoft Discusses Cortana Intelligence Solutions Expanding Cloud Analytics

The company’s Cortana Intelligence Solutions are a major part of Microsoft’s cloud first strategy and expand how users can easily analyze and interact with data.


has been building out its with more localized databases. But, what about improving the way its services use and interact with data? Cloud intelligence is a big part of the company's future plans.
Cortana Intelligence Solutions are oriented to making that learn more about customer data and processes.

The company is pushing its mantra further using cloud intelligence. In a blog post, Microsoft points out how apps like Power Bi and Cortana Intelligence are improving data management and learning.

Microsoft also shows how existing Cortana Intelligence Solutions are helping organizations in the cloud.

Cloud Intelligence Solutions

There are nine current solutions, which Microsoft says are customizable. The company details these solutions in a Technet post:

  • IT Anomaly Insights: This solution helps IT departments in large organizations quickly detect and fix issues based on underlying health metrics from their IT infrastructure, services and KPIs. This solution can be used to monitor metrics from any real time system such as those in IoT or healthcare.
  • Data Warehousing and Data Science with SQL Data Warehouse and Spark: This solution sets up an end-to-end data ingestion and warehousing pipeline using Apache Spark, Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure Data Factory, and shows how to use these services from a data science perspective.
  • Stream Analysis with Azure ML: This solution sets up an end-to-end pipeline to ingest tweets based on user-defined keywords, and analyzes their sentiment using an Azure ML based web service.
  • Predictive Maintenance for Aerospace: This solution demonstrates how to combine real-time data from sensors with advanced analytics to monitor aircraft equipment in real-time, and also predict the remaining useful life of critical parts, so that maintenance can be pro-actively scheduled to prevent failures.
  • Windows and Linux Data Science Virtual Machines: These solutions provision a Windows or Linux Data Science VM, a custom VM image that is pre-installed and configured with a set of popular tools commonly used for data science and ML.

These solutions allow users to build easy intelligence solutions in the cloud. Think of them as a template to get the ball rolling. Of course, there will be some scenarios where these solutions are not complete enough, but as a starting point they cover a lot of bases. Expect Microsoft to expand this list of apps and services in the future.

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