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Microsoft Updates Flow Preview with Better Custom API Support

The Flow Preview now supports Blogger, Basecamp 3 and PagerDuty, and comes with significant performance increases.


Microsoft’s Flow Preview provides users with an easy way to automate day-to-day tasks. Much like IFTTT, it gives users a simple interface to add different variables and actions.

Despite being in preview, Flow has some improvements over its competition, and Microsoft has revealed some of the major additions this month.

Flow October Updates

New Flow services are being added every day, but that’s not much help if you’re using a niche product. As a result, Microsoft has support for Custom APIs.

“You can use Custom APIs to create flows that talk to almost any HTTP endpoint that supports JSON,” says Stephen Sicilianogroup PM manager, Flow. “However, getting authentication to work with Custom APIs can sometimes be a challenge.”

That’s where Microsoft’s latest update comes in. Custom APIs now support Key authentication, so you can create a header or query string to be sent with each request. In addition, OAuth 2.0 is now supported.

Of course, the majority of users will be using Flow’s inbuilt services. This month three new ones are available:

  • Basecamp 3 a tool that helps teams work together. It provides a dashboard to manage all messaging, document collaboration, scheduling and task management together in one place.
  • Blogger  a blog publishing service. It allows you to create websites and post to them on an ongoing basis.
  • PagerDuty – a help desk tool used to manage and dispatch service requests within support teams.”

Designer Performance

Microsoft has also been working on the speed of the Flow designer. You should notice a much smoother experience and less wait time.

You can also edit and update connections from the “…” menu of each element, and a new terminate step to end a Flow. Finally, there’s a new edit button in the run history of a Flow to make adjustments faster.

You can try the new features yourself by signing up for the Flow Preview.

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