Microsoft Moves Premium to Public Preview

After spending months as an invitation-only service, Premium is now widely available in the United States. Microsoft has teamed with GoDaddy to supply free email domains for the first year of service.

Outlook Premium Screenshot Official Own

We first reported on Premium in April. Today, opened the doors on the service in the United States. The company did this rather quietly, a surprise considering the company wants this to appeal to businesses.

It is worth noting that this is the shift of the service to public-preview. Until now Premium has only been available on an invitation basis.

In public preview, anybody can sign up for the premiums service. If you are not familiar with Premium, it is a subscription-based version of 's service. The company is differentiating the service apart from the standard  client with some new features that will appeal to enterprise.

Here are the main standout features from the Premium client:

  • Five personalized email addresses: Get personalized email addresses [email protected]* for up to five people. Your new email syncs with your existing mailbox, so there's no additional setup.
  • Staying connected has never been so easy: Share calendars, contacts, and documents with ease. Sharing relationships are set up automatically between the people who have email addresses on your domain.
  • An ad-free inbox: Premium has no banner ads, so you can enjoy a distraction-free view of your email, photos and documents.
  • Powered by the new Gain access to a new, modern inbox that includes enhanced , , and reliability features. gives you new ways to collaborate, manage your time, and get things done.

Cost and Hosting

If you are interested in Premium, it will cost $19.95. This is a first-year offer, though, and afterwards the price will rise to $49.99 for subsequent years. To host the domain names, Microsoft is collaborating with web hosting giant GoDaddy. The company will supply email domains that can be chosen by the Outlook customer.

Microsoft will cover the cost of this domain hosting for the first year. After that, customers will need to renew your email domain with GoDaddy directly. Check out Premium by hitting the source, provided you are in the US.