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Microsoft Launches Azure App Service Companion on Android

Azure App Service Companion lets cloud customers manage their applications on the move. The preview app has launched on Android exclusively for the time being. Is this another instance of Microsoft ignoring its own Windows 10 Mobile platform?


has made it much easier to manage your Azure App Service. The company has created a companion app for the mobile platform. This gives customers a quicker and simpler solution for managing their applications.

At the moment, using the Azure App Service required you going to the Azure Portal or Azure CLI. Both of these are excellent platforms, but they are designed for larger screens. This meant trying to manage your apps on the movie through a mobile device was next to impossible.

This new app helps to solve that problem, giving customers more management freedom. Microsoft provides a description of the app on the Play Store:

“If you're building cloud applications with , things just got a whole lot better. Now, no matter where you are, you can monitor all of your web, mobile, and API apps running on Azure App Service. It's all possible with Azure App Service Companion (Preview).

Developing apps one by one for multiple platforms and use cases is not scalable. Employees expect business apps to be well designed and capable, to function as seamlessly as their favorite consumer apps, and to work on any device wherever they are. Azure App Service is the only enterprise-ready solution that makes it easy to build deeply integrated web and mobile apps that work across any platform on any device.”

Features of the app include the ability to monitor App Service instances and troubleshoot sites. Customers can also create custom alerts to give information on site status.

Windows Last?

The company has launched to the Android platform first. This is currently a preview app and we imagine it will eventually roll out to Windows and iOS. Customers using Microsoft's own Windows platform continue to be miffed by this strategy.

Microsoft is increasingly launching services to iOS and Android first. In some cases, those same services come to much later, if at all. It is clear why the company does this, Android and iOS are the runaway market leaders. Making sure users on those platforms get Microsoft services is essential for growth.

However, Windows 10 Mobile users are simply left out in many cases. They ask why the apps cannot be created simultaneously across all platforms. If not, Windows 10 Mobile should get early exclusivity. This would give the failing platform something to offer that Android and iOS cannot.

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Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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