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Visual Studio Code v1.6 Adds TypeScript 2.0 Support

The latest Visual Studio Code build also allows users to maintain code when saving through the Format and Save feature. The extensive changelog adds numerous other features and tweaks to the VS Code platform.


has been moving through the Code updates quickly this year. Today, the company announced the release of version 1.6. The chief inclusion is TypeScript 2.0 and a host of other new features and fixes.

TypeScript 2.0 was made generally available by Microsoft last month. The company introduced the newest version of the open source JavaScript subset with a number of new features. For example, non-nullable types, easier module declarations and control flow analysis were added. For , users are getting TypeScript 2.0.3.

Other features added to Visual Studio Code 1.6 include a new Format and Save function. This tool lets users maintain code by formatting it as you save. The search bar has been given a tweak. It now saves previous searches to make navigating to past queries easier. In addition to this, customers can now launch NPM scripts before debugging.

Here is the full changelog for version 1.6

  • TypeScript 2.0 – Language improvements for JavaScript and TypeScript as well as extension authoring.
  • Format on Save – Keep your code looking great by running a formatter when you save.
  • Switch Windows – Move quickly between VS Code windows (instances) via the Command Palette.
  • Search term history – Easily reuse past search terms in the Search box.
  • Launch script support – It's now possible to launch an NPM script before debugging.
  • Workspace recommendations – Provide extension recommendations for other members of your team to use.
  • API for Settings – It's now possible to change settings via an API. This allows new options like persistent Auto Save and File Associations.
  • VIM style relative line numbers – Display line numbers relative to the current cursor position.
  • Node 6.3+ Debugger – An experimental extension is available to support the V8 Inspector Protocol.
  • PREVIEW Extensions Packs – Bundle a set of extensions into a single download from the Marketplace.
  • PREVIEW TS/JS Grammar – A new colorizer for TS/JS with over 200 fixes. We will include it in the next release.

Previous Visual Studio Code Updates

In April, Microsoft rolled out VS Code 1.0. The company confirmed the platform had been adopted by half a million active users. The service was first introduced in August, 2015. Visual Studio Code is a free to user open source editor and debugger. It makes JavaScript and TypeScript web-editing easier, while also becoming a multi-language debugging service.

VS Code 1.5 was the last update for the platform. That September rollout included new Workbench themes and debugging improvements. The build added “key updates” to UI, extension support, debugging and extensibility APIs.

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