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Microsoft Releases Skype for iOS 6.26 with iOS 10 Improvements and Integrated Call Toggle

Skype for iOS 6.26 lets user enable notifications for new contact requests, toggle integrated calls, and adds various fixes and improvements.


has released a small update to on devices, building on the new features for iOS 10. This brings the version up to 6.26, and has a number of minor fixes and improvements.

The update also adds some new features. Users can now turn on notifications for contact requests so they don't miss out and can also toggle integrated calling.

Skype for iOS 6.26 Changelog

Without further ado, here's the full changelog for this iOS build. Note that you'll only get access to some of these changes on iOS 10:

  • “Make every call a Skype call: Toggle iOS 10 Integrated Calling (CallKit) on / off in Skype's app settings.
  • Never miss a new contact: Make sure you've set Skype notifications ‘on' to receive any new contact requests as a notification.
  • Fixes and improvements: Enjoy the various improvements we've made to how Skype works on iOS 10.”

The most notable improvement is the integrated call toggle. The feature was announced with 6.25 and lets you take Skype calls the same way as regular ones.

Of course, you don't always want to be spammed with calls in your downtime, so that's why Microsoft has added the toggle. It's also useful if you're already on desktop and don't want both to ring at once.

Skype for iOS 6.25 Changelog

You may have missed the update, but 6.25 also added a number of other features which should improve the overall Skype experience:

  • “Seamlessly store your Skype contacts into the contacts list built into your iPhone
  • Pay for Credit in Israeli Shekels
  • Invite your friends to Skype directly from the contacts list
  • More easily differentiate between your contacts and bots in the contacts list”

iOS also supports SiriKit now, which means you can make voice calls using the digital assistant. In essence, Microsoft is taking a step towards making Skype a viable alternative to regular calls.

You can download Skype 6.26 today on the App Store.

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