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Code Search in Microsoft’s Visual Stuido Team Services Now Generally Available

The Code Search feature for Visual Studio Team Services semantically ranks content based on its importance, allows for filtering by specific metrics and makes it easier to share code.


has now launched its Code Search feature for Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server “15”. The extension is entirely free, and lets users look through source code with ease.

The addition has grown since its fist inception, and now supports Java, C#, C, and C++. It goes further than a simple search query, understanding context, class definitions, comments and properties across TFVC and GitHub.

Code Search Features

Code Search also brings a number of other features to make it a worthwhile experience, including:

  • Semantic ranking: Ranking ensures you get what you are looking for in the first few results. Code Search uses code semantics as one of the many signals for ranking; this ensures that the matches are laid out in a relevant manner E.g. Files with a term appears as definition are ranked higher.
  • Rich filtering: Get that extra power from Code Search that lets you filter your results by file path, extension, repo, and project. You can also filter by code type, such as definition, comment, reference, and much more. And, by incorporating logical operators such as AND, OR, NOT, refine your query to get the results you want.
  • Code collaboration: Share Code Search results with team members using the query URL. Use annotations to figure out who last changed a line of code.
  • Rich integration with version control: The Code Search interface integrates with familiar controls in the Code Hub, giving you the ability to look up History, compare what's changed since the last commit or changeset, and much more.”

Microsoft has plans for continued expansion of the service and will add support for more languages and features in the future.

You can find out how to enable Code Search in VSTS and Team Foundation Server on the Microsoft blog.

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