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New Trip Tracker App by Microsoft Garage Automatically Tracks Your Journeys

Trip Tracker tracks walks, runs, bike rides and car journeys automatically, while still keeping battery life intact.


's Garage has been continuing in the spirit of innovation with plenty of new experimental mobile apps. Today is no different, and the team has now launched “Trip Tracker.”

Trip Tracker lets you automatically track your travels on . Of course, there are several apps like this already on the platform, so the Microsoft's has several things that set it apart.

Trip Tracker Features

A lot of tracker apps focus primarily on runs and walking. Microsoft's is a lot more open, with support for drives, runs, walks and bike rides straight away. In addition, this all happens without any input from the user.

With Trip Tracker, you simply go about your regular business and forget it's there. In the background, the app will detect what activity you are doing, start and end duration, and path tracking.

It also comes with something critical in this day and age: battery efficiency. A lot of phones don't last a day as it is, and the addition of location tracking significantly shortens this life. According to Microsoft, their location tracking is accurate and efficient.


This low battery usage is made possible by Microsoft's Location and Observation Platform, or LOOP. This release essentially acts as an advertisement for the SDK's early access.

Here are some of the things Microsoft claims you can do with one line of code:

  1. “Automatic trip tracking – showcased in this app
  2. Detect your user's home & work
  3. History of places visited
  4. Geofencing triggers.”

It seems like a fairly robust platform, and also offers location analytics, a real-time feed of users and the ability to export data. You can sign up for early access here.


It's also well worth giving Trip Tracker a download to get a preview of what's possible. The app is limited to Android and can't be installed outside of the U.S. However, you can emulate the app on PC via BlueStacks and Microsoft's .apk file.

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