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Mojang Releases Minecraft Snapshot 16w40a, with Tons of Bug Fixes

Minecraft Snapshot 16w40a fixes a number of bugs, including problems with Shulker boxes, pistons, mobs, and crashes.


Mojang is continuing its snapshot program with the release of 16w40a. This build contains several bug fixes, but also introduces some new bugs, so download with caution.

Some of the bug fixes are important ones, including crashes and several piston issues. Most of the changes are minor ones, however, so server admins are better off on a stable build for now.

Minecraft Snapshot 16w40a Changelog

Mojang has also released a full list of all the bug fixes in this build. Though most of them are small, they can be frustrating in certain scenarios. Here's the full list so you can see if any apply to you:

  • “Arrows fired into a repeater / comparator / jukebox / command block / hopper / daylight sensor that is updating will play the arrow hitting a block noise
  • Piston placement issue past 16777217
  • Mouse click position always lags a few frames behind the crosshair
  • Pistons warp entities too much (Pistons pull entities in/through blocks)
  • Distorted Pistons
  • Renamed brewing stand does not drop after being placed
  • Silverfish not moving when mobGriefing is false
  • Can interact(eat) with cake in creative mode/hunger bar is full
  • Rabbits jump extra high on farmland and fence related blocks.
  • Weather changes to clear after sleeping with doWeatherCycle set to false
  • Unable to shift-click items into non-full brewing stand ingredient slot
  • No subtitles for Shulker Box / Llama
  • Evocators & Vindicator do not display custom head item or held items
  • Vindicator axes are not damaged
  • Typo: “Light Grey Shulker Box”
  • Renamed shulker boxes got unnamed when placed by a dispenser
  • Shooting an arrow and reloading the world gives potion particles.
  • Entities fall through Shulker Boxes when opened
  • Camera shakes when open shulker box you standing on
  • Animals not running away when on fire
  • Some mobs float above horses when riding them
  •  Strange Texture Behavior of End Portal Block
  • Leash Knot can't be broken sometimes
  • Crash when trading or picking up filled map with invalid data value from furnace
  • When in Creative's “Survival Inventory”, dropping an item will not delete item from hand
  • Vindicators and mobs with axes don't disable shields.
  • Llamas in caravan unable to be tamed
  • {CanPickUpLoot:1b} Vindicators don't use their better weapon
  • Spectral arrows not being shot by skeletons
  • Cannot leash multiple mobs to same fence when not holding lead item
  •  Unable to untie more than one Lllama from a fence.”

There are no specific details about the issues in this build, but Mojang warns that snapshots can corrupt worlds in some cases.

If okay with the risks you can get the build via the launcher. Simply create a new profile, check the snapshots box and hit save.

You can also download a server jar here, and find more detail about each bug on the Mojang blog.

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