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Microsoft will Start Updating Edge Browser through Windows Store

Instead of updating the Edge browser through Windows Update, Microsoft will use the Windows Store to roll out feature updates.


has big plans for the Edge browser. Even if it is losing market ground, the company knows that it is early days from its ground-up browser. However, it is arguable that Edge has actually been held back by Microsoft's updating strategy. The company seems to agree and will be changing the way in which the service is updated.

When it was announced alongside , Microsoft said updates for Edge would be fluid. That has not been the case. It was thought the company would treat Edge like an app and update it individually. This could be achieved through the , for example. Instead, Microsoft decided to update the browser through Windows updates.

This is actually a little inconvenient because Windows updates are less frequent. Users now have to wait for major Windows releases to get new features for Edge. Considering the browser still lacks in some features, this is less than intuitive for Microsoft's plans. For example, extensions may have arrived sooner if an app-like update system was in place.

Windows Store Update

Missed by many (but not by Thurrott), Microsoft used Ignite 2016 last week to announced some changes. The company quietly revealed plans to change the update model for the Edge browser on Windows 10. Microsoft will indeed start updating the browser through the Windows Store.

These updates will deal with introducing new features and functions to the service. However, the main EdgeHTML engine will continue to get bumps through proper Windows Updates.

Microsoft did not confirm when this new updating ability will be launched. It is easy to speculate that we will have to wait until Redstone 2 is rolled out to see it. That is not happening until next spring at the earliest, so could the company change the strategy before then?

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