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Microsoft Launches New HoloLens Computer Vision Research Team

The Cambridge-based research team will be led by former Head of Machine Intelligence Jamie Shotton, who will be backed by six other employees.


has announced a new HoloLens computer vision research team following sponsorship of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV). The division is based in the Cambridge, UK, and is looking to expand.

The team is led by Jamie Shotton, the former Head of Machine Intelligence and Perception at Microsoft. He's joined by Principal Scientist Andrew Fitzgibbon, Research Engineer Federica Bogo and more. This division will be part of the larger HoloLens research team, led by director of science Marc Pollefeys.

“Just the Start”

According to the joint blog post of Pollefeys and Shotton, we're in a “golden age” for computer vision. Though there have been innovations in almost every sector, the Microsoft team is particularly excited about HoloLens.

The pair says HoloLens has “the potential to completely upend how we access information and communicate with each other.” Though Shotton admits that a number of products have come out of HoloLens already, he stresses that this is “just the start.”

Microsoft's goal is to deliver the ultimate promise of mixed reality, and that's going to require a lot of hard work. That's why the division is looking for new candidates.

Microsoft wants to hire employees who love to build technology and have good skills in engineering, research, and math. Shotton encourages prospective employees to talk with them at the ECCV booth from October 8-16.

The conference will include a keynote from Changhu Wang, Lead Researcher at Microsoft. The Visual Analysis of Sketches presentation will begin tomorrow, October 8th.

Microsoft is also running a workshop at the conference, named “Computer Vision for Audio-Visual Media.” This will be led by Research Manager Zhengyou Zhang and will start on the morning of October 16.

You can find more information on both ECCV and the new research team here.

Last Updated on November 25, 2020 1:25 pm CET

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