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LinkedIn Launches Upgraded Career Pages

Career Pages now feature three distinct sections: overview, jobs, and life. This combines with better analytics to make it easier to find potential employees.


has been introducing a lot of new changes since the acquisition, with a new Open Candidates feature launching just yesterday. Today, the company has announced another job-related improvement: the next generation of Career Pages.

The upgrade means more job discoverability, better analytics, a more intuitive interface and improved performance.

Company Culture

According to Head of Talent Brand Products Eric Owski, presenting company culture was a big goal for the update.

“Perception is everything,” he says. “And getting across the right perception about your organization to the people that matter most — candidates you want to hire — is a necessary first step.”

The new update makes it easier for prospective employees to understand what it's like to work for the company. Pages are now organized into three sections: company overview, jobs, and life.


The new life tab lets companies showcase articles and photos by employees, as well as videos, photos and company posts.

Here's a quick rundown of the features:

  • “Employee Perspectives: long-form written posts
  • Photo Gallery: photos generated by company and employees
  • Company Leaders: featured profiles introducing key leaders
  • Automated Company Insights: aggregate data on company and culture
  • Hero banner: add video to your top banner and make your culture come to life”

You can have several versions of the life tab to cater to different audience and job positions, making your company look as attractive as possible to those applying.

Jobs and Analytics

The jobs tab now tailors job recommendations to each viewer. The algorithm has been upgraded, resulting in more relevant displays and higher likelihood of finding someone with the right qualifications.linkedin-career-pages-2

Candidates can also see a “meet the team” section in the tab. This is also catered, showing employees that they have lots in common with and giving an idea of the people they would work with.

Furthermore, employers can see more relevant and detailed statistics about their Career Pages. The data all comes through in real-time, showing unique visitors, visitor demographics, geography and more.


According to LinkedIn statistics, the changes as a whole have resulted in a 60% increase in page views per unique visitor and a 175% increase in job views from Career Pages.

You can find more information about the new Career Pages on the LinkedIn blog.

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