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Bing Streamlines Copyright Removal Request Process

Bing’s new Submitter Dashboard lets users check the status of previous copyright removal requests (DMCA Notices), and provides the statistics regarding the user’s prior DMCA notices.


There are three different ways to submit DMCA notices to Bing. Users filing DMCA notices via online form and API can take advantage of the new process.

Users may still opt to file DMCA notices via e-mail, however, this is discouraged because incomplete requests are denied.

The online form is a simple one-page form that users can complete in just minutes. First, users will be prompted to log into their accounts. This assures that Bing responds to the correct email address.


Next, Bing emails the user a Submission ID to track the status. Bing's Program Manager, Chad Foster, said that the new process will help Bing “ensure that copyright owners send valid DMCA notices and that those notices are acted upon promptly.”

This process only applies to non-paid links showing in Bing or provided to Bing via Yahoo. For other Bing content, such as video or photograph search results, refer to Microsoft's DMCA page for further information.

New Submitter Dashboard Provides User Statistics

The new submitter dashboard contains two tables showing the user's statistics. The top table shows statistics such as the user's total number of DMCA requests and the status of those requests.

“Pending” status indicates that the request is in process. “Approved” status means Bing removed the copywrited material, as requested, while “Rejected” status means Bing determined there was no copyright violation.

microsoft-bing-dmca-submitter-dashboard-officialNext, a  table provides the user with the same statistics broken down by URLs. For example, if a user has one notice pending for removal of copyrighted material which showed up two different websites, the top table would show one pending notice. The second table would show requests to remove the material from two different URLs remain pending.

Finally, the dashboard lists of all requests by Submission ID, so users can track the status of each request. In conclusion, Foster said “Having insight into the status of these notices helps copyright owners stay better informed and, in turn, promotes the use of such tools to help Bing respond in an expeditious manner.”

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